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Weight Loss Strategies for New Eating Habits

Unlike old wivesí tales promise to quell certain illnesses, certain weight loss strategies really do work. Some of these same tactics can become a part of your new dietary habits.

Turbo charge the metabolism. For a short-lived metabolism boost, capsaicin Ė red pepper or cayenne pepper can do the job. To soothe any lingering fire-like aftershocks, have some yogurt on hand. Dairy products are known to impede capsaicin's sweat-inducing abilities by far than water.
Seek out bulk. Instead of going to the store and avoiding the snack aisle, hit the cracker, bread or cereal and look for the highest fiber product to replace your snacking urges. Aim for five to 15 grams of fiber. For example, Kashi puts out a deliciously tasty and bulk like cereal. At 210 calories, it comes in at 14 grams of fiber. Not to mention, it offers the false sense of satiation after eating.

Milk it, baby. Itís true milk does block the absorption of other foods. In other words, 1,800 milligrams of calcium per day has the capability of interrupting 80 calories from making headway to your hips. The finding was published recently in a study conducted by the University of Tennessee study. For example, your first dose of calcium could come from milk in your coffees or a simple bowl of cereal. To keep fat and caloric intake to a minimum use skim milk or fat free milk. Your next snack could be a slice of baby Swiss cheese or some other white cheese (mozzarella).

Invest in the natural. Instead of buying pre-fixed snacks or potato chips, buy pre-cut vegetables or fruits. You will be more prone to consume these snacks when they are already prepared. Additionally, these snacks offer low energy nutritional snacks.


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