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Eat When You Are Hungry

When the weather outside is frightful, and the fridge is so delightful, it might be time to learn to listen to your body's hunger cues. Many people eat for comfort, or out of boredom or when they're nervous or anxious. Sometimes, the very thing that is making them anxious is the extra weight they're carrying around. So, overeating when you're nervous can become part of a vicious cycle. Healthy, fit and lean people share some common traits, which we can all model after.

Here are a few tips to bear in mind:

Eat when you're hungry. Everyone's body sends out its own hunger cues. So often, we fill up on empty calories and snack food and never even give our bodies the chance to experience hunger. If you eat out of habit chances are you aren't even truly hungry. Learn your body's special hunger cues and experience the satisfaction of eating when you're hungry.

Pay attention to your food. Experts on digestion report that many people do not thoroughly chew their food. Use your molars, your grinders, and chew until the food you put into your mouth becomes liquid. Eating more slowly and with increased consciousness is one way to reframe your eating habits. Instead of gulping down food and experiencing indigestion or heartburn afterward, you'll benefit from better absorption of your meals. Thorough chewing breaks down your food so that your body can tap the nutritional value instantly.

Turn off the TV. Don't watch television during your meals, and make mealtime a special time when you enjoy the company of your loved ones. If you eat alone, treat yourself to a special placemat and a small vase of flowers picked fresh from your garden. Brighten up your atmosphere and never allow the static of programmed television to ruin a good meal.

Fit, lean and healthy people take the time to enjoy their food. They eat when they're hungry, they notice what goes into their mouths, and they focus on the meal and the company with which they share it. All of the above adds up to a fine dining experience, indeed.


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