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Bouncing Back in Physical Activity

Is the old quote “use it or lose it” related to exercise, activity and keeping the body functioning, optimally? Is a sedentary smedentary? Some reports say a sedentary life is tantamount to accelerating one’s demise but is there any validity to the theory? According to exercise physiologist regardless of age, a lack of exercise can lead to losing muscle or muscle atrophy.

For instance, an adolescent girl aged 17 in good physical health may lose muscles if the majority of time is spent in front of a computer screen or watching television. Muscle atrophy may trigger the muscles in the spine and abdomen to waste away. The result of inactivity leads to losing muscles.

It is the primary reason medical professionals prescribe walking and getting out of bed for patients who are hospitalized. When the body is inactive, it affects numerous processes of the body; including bowel movements and digestion. Nevertheless, muscle atrophy from inactivity can be turned around via exercise.

On the other side of the inactive equation, there are ways to put a little bounce into a sedentary life. For starters, it begins with conferring with a medical practitioner. Next, devise a fitness training program customized to ones physical and medical needs.

For instance, an arthritic patient may consider strength or resistance training to stimulate circulation in the muscles. Moreover, stretching is good for maintaining movement in the joints. In patients diagnosed with osteoporosis, weight lifting may offer the health advantages of building bone density or a means of strengthening the bones. Another alternative for individuals who are susceptible to knee injuries or joint pain from running on a treadmill is swimming or aquatic aerobics.

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