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Strategies for Fitting Exercise in a Busy Life

If only there were a miraculous exercise pill that magically put the body into physical action, then fitting all of life’s responsibilities would be simplified. How can one manage a family, a full-time career, keep the house tidy and still find the time to work-out every day?
Obviously, time management is fundamental. Even more importantly, a commitment to fitness is critical. To ensure that you do not miss too many days of exercise, use the following strategies to make time for exercise:
• Intensify the weight. By hastening the speed at which you lift weights, you can do more than complete your strength training program. The accelerated weigh lifting regimen calls for more succinct rest periods between sets. The underlying benefit is not limited to finishing your work-out but more calories can be expended in a shorter period of time.
Remember to follow the appropriate form. Alternatively, if pounding through weights sounds unappealing, lift heavier ones and less repetition. Not to mention, the fitness time saver will enhance more muscle. In actuality, if you regularly perform 15 repetitions at 10 pounds then do 12 pounds with up to 10 repetitions.
• Crank it up. During days packed with innumerous chores and tasks, opt for an intensified workout. For individuals who weigh between 135 to 150 pounds, an atypical pace on the treadmill at 3.5 miles per hour in a span of 30 minutes expends between 120 and 130 calories. To boost the caloric burn, accelerate your speed to 4.0 miles and hour. It will increase the caloric burn up to 185 calories.
• Mix it up. Remember all exercise need not be executed in a single session. Break it up throughout the day. Three 10-minute intervals of exercise a day is just as effective.

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