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Fitness Realms Q&A

I’m an active 42 year old woman who hikes over two and a half miles a day, Saturday through Wednesday. At least twice a week, I lift weight. No matter what I do, I cannot seem to shake my last 15 pounds. My friend thinks I need to do more cardiovascular exercise. Would a cycling class improve my chances of weight loss?

Answer: While hiking offers extraordinary benefits for maintaining the heart’s healthiness, you’ll need to work significantly harder to lose weight.

But when it comes to losing weight, you probably need to work harder — and differently. It may mean exercising a little bit beyond your comfort zone. Many physical trainers and kinesiologists recommend exercise that makes the individual work up a moderate sweat.

Since hiking 2.5 miles has becomes easier, you need to move your exercise to the next level. Because, you have been following the same work out schedule, your body has grown accustomed and less apt to burn expend calories. Modifying your fitness goals, objectives and program maybe in order.

You might start by exercising more making for the following changes:

• Amplify your cardiovascular routine by doing more rigorous movements or work
• Intensify your weight training program
• Reduce caloric intake
• Cutback on foods high in carbohydrates with little
• Consume snacks high in nutritional value such as the following

•Dried Cherries
•Dried Cranberries
•Wheat crackers

To ensure reduced caloric intake, try to avoid drinking the juice version of the above fruits. Do not drink ‘”fruit drinks” because they are loaded with fructose – which may counterbalance weight loss.

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