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Working Out Smarter

Each day, the results of working out are redefined through research and effective training. With all the contradicting information, it is hard to discern what type of fitness training is apropos.
To set the record straight on cardiovascular exercises versus weight training and toning the body, use the following rules to redefine your body.
1. To shed pounds or lose weight, engage in more cardiovascular activity. On the other side of the fitness sphere, weight training is a more effective means of burning fat. People with a higher muscle mass generally have a greater metabolism. Men are a perfect example of the muscle mass disparity. The male gender may consume more than women without gaining weight because they have a higher percentage of lean muscle mass.
2. Excessive cardiovascular exercise can cause people to burn through muscle for energy versus fat. To give your body a sculptured physique, weight can be lost with 20 minutes of cardio-exercise after an intense weight training workout.
3. Perform crunches daily. Be sure to follow the crunches with oblique exercises (sides), lower back and full sit-ups. A six-pack chest will only occur without body fat.
4. Avoid working the same body parts two consecutive days in a row. Effective workouts alternate upper and lower body training. It allows the body to extend the training threshold. When the lower body is at rest, the upper body is worked out. If you must work the same muscle group, exert a moderate intensity the following day. It enables blood to flow through fatigued muscles without causing further damage. For maximized growth, try to work the same muscle groups a minimum of three times a week.

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