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The Enemy of Weight Loss, Sugary Sodas

If you’re having a problem battling the bulge, it could be what you’re drinking. In carbonated sugary soda’s hay-day, it was the beverage of choice. One manufacturer, The Coca Cola® Company touted their sugary sweet bubbly drink “as the real thing.” Other soda manufacturers jumped on the marketing bandwagon to encourage Americans to drink up. It did not take consumers of all ethnicities to become addicted to ‘soda pop’.

Merely, forty years later, Americans are drinking carbonated soda by the gallons. The calories from ‘pop’ can add up fast. Recently, the subject of carbonated beverages has gained significant debate. For the soda addicted, the calories from soda can account for up to 25 percent of daily caloric intake.

The unhealthiness of excessive soda consumption has been related to obesity. Studies released by the top echelon of nutritional experts have found soda to one of the causes of the obesity epidemic in America.

Due to the findings a national panel of nutritionists recommends more water consumption. The panel urges only an eight ounce of sugary soda should be consumed once a day with an increase of water intake (50 ounces daily). Also, the nutritionists encourage up to 40 ounces per day of herbal, green and black unsweetened tea. Coffee can be substituted for the tea but it’s a second option. As a result, up to 16 ounces of fat-free milk, skim milk or soy beverages are good beverage choices.

The 8-ounce limit is particularly eye-opening, in these days of the Big Gulp, the "Super-size," and the endless refills offered at movie theaters. Whereas vending machines once offered only 10-12 ounce drinks, these days it's hard to find soda machines that offer anything other than 20-ounce bottles.

In an effort to endorse healthy beverage consumption, both elementary and high schools are removing sodas from vending machines. Other schools are limiting the purchase of carbonated beverages to after school hours and events. Regardless of anyone’s age, carbonated sweetened sodas should be ingested in limited supplies.

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